A Comparison between Rebtel and Skype

Rebtel is an international calling service through which you can make international calls at local rates by following some simple and trouble-free steps. On contrary, Skype is an application that works computer to computer, computer to phone and phone to phone as well. You can get benefit from this service by using it in your mobile phone. Using a Rebtel coupon code, you can get the cheapest price.

Technical Differences

With rebtel you can make international calls at local rates as, when you apply to have an account on rebtel the providers of rebtel will give you an account with all opportunities. They allow you to call in foreign countries at cheap and affordable rates. When you are calling an individual in the foreign by the local number provided by rebtel, this number will appear on his caller ID. On the other hand, in Skype you have two choices to make a phone call you can use the mobile or PC.

Rebtel Comparison_SkypeRates and Bills

Both rebtel and Skype offers lower rates on international calling. There rates depends on the country you calling from and the country you are calling in. Their rates vary according to the geographical differences. Both services require that you have to load balance before making calls.

Call quality and delays

Rebtel allows you make a call through a local number provided by rebtel. You find its quality is the best from all other international calling services. While you are making call through Skype you found that its rates are slighter high.

Internet connection

You need internet only for some time to make use of rebtel, when you sign up for rebtel community you have the need of internet, after assigning they will give you a local phone number. After that you don’t need any internet connection, you need just a cell phone, its signals and credit in your mobile, then you can easily make calls from your mobile phone.

Phone to phone

When you are directed to make a phone call rebtel is the best application. It is the cheapest edition. You can make totally free of cost calls when you and your friend both are registered on rebtel. The process is that you ought to create a smart call from your mobile to your friend’s number, your friend immediately call back to you on the number that displays on his mobile screen. Now, both of you contain a limited number to create a call to each other.

In this process rebtel does not charge you even a single penny. This method works in over fifty countries. Even you can get different local numbers for every friend who added in your friend list. You make a call on the local number and the services of rebtel make it international for you whether you are in every country of the world. On the other hand, the rates and calling procedure of the skype and rebtel is nearly same. In this method, the benefit is that you can just make calls to your associates and family members just like a local call from your cell phone.