Hide.Me VPN Review

With its quite prominent name, Hide.me VPN draws a considerably huge amount of attention from the world’s most VPN-savvy guys. You might not expect that such a great VPN company like this one is established in Malaysia, Southeast Asia.

Without being irresponsibly harsh to the location factor, instead we are trying to present to readers how inviting their services and features are. Their point is clear; Hide.me VPN does seriously strive to ‘hide’ you from any kind of virtual surveillance which somehow you do not expect at all. To get a better view of their current offer, here we prepare you everything you should understand about Hide.me.


Whatever the product you are purchasing, their prices must be one of your primary concern. Hide.me understands how much their customers expect to get a chance to try their features on without having to pay for any subscription. That’s why free plan is available, together with Premium and Plus plan.

While a number of restrictions can be found in each of those plans, the three of them are pretty great at serving Hide.me users with the best service for each plan.

Security and Privacy

While searching for the best VPN provider, you must not miss this very important point to consider. It is clear that Hide.me VPN uses all their resources to keep your logs safe. They protect your internet communication by not saving a single log done by its users. That disables any third party to claim for the possession, even if there is an urgency.

Great varieties or protocols also guarantee users’ data security and privacy. OpenVPN and IKEv2 are the two options most recommended for the best protection.

Other Features

Besides the obvious tools and features, Hide.me also completes their system with several protection forms. Those include DNS leak protection, IP leak protection and Kill Switch. The three of them can also be found in other VPN giants. It just emphasizes how important their presence is.

Don’t worry about their speed and overall performance, as according to reliable speed test, Hide.me is proven quite powerful on the examination. Their speed is overall great. They are also available on Windows, Android and iOS which has just been released.

If it is okay for you to pay higher for a VPN but granted back with good features and services, then Hide.me is the one.