How does StrongVPN Work?

StrongVPN started as a PC integrator system in South Lake Tahoe with little staff.  They moved from different collocation amenities in Northern California until they established a two hundred Paul Exchange Colo now operated by Digital Realty Trust. This facility provided them a perfect place for growth and peering capability.

They have been capable to progressively grow our customer base by knowing a principal rule in related to business. There is no idea to really grow a hosting business on product and price benefit alone, the most reason to a thriving business is a powerful customer service culture.

Here are fast factors about Strong VPN and how does it work?

  • StrongVPN core team has been combined close to twelve years and makes up 70 percent of firm.
  • Engineer/developer standard tech support 24 x7x 365, everyone that replies your support request is highly skilled and trained.
  • They can job with you personally on your business needs unlike big budget hosts.
  • They have no secret fees; unlike low cost hosting firms on monthly price is our monthly price.
  • They manage over nine hundred servers and job efficiently and perfectly through any conditions.
  • They don’t separate our customers based on pricing, everyone will get standard support from this site.
  • They are a 14 person firm, working in multiple places around the globe. Their teams comprises of Windows and Linux Experts.
  • Their specialty is dedicated managed servers that use mass bandwidth. They emphasize standard communication with their customers.

StrongVPN Features


StrongVPN has over four hundred and fifty VPN servers placed in 44 cities and twenty countries, including Turkey, Switzerland, Sweden, Russian, Romania, Norway, Netherlands, Mexico, Malaysia, Luxembourg, Latvia, Israel, Germany, Czech Republic, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, United Kingdom, and United States. StrongVPN supports general VPN protocols including IPSec, OpenVPN, SSTP, L2TP, and PPTP etc.

StrongVPN permits unlimited traffic volume, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited server switches for all their VPN IDs. StrongVPN site has list of accessible servers for their customers.  Many servers have static IP addresses. Static IP might be supportive for certain users. For instance, some online gamers use VPN to enjoy games that are only accessible to certain countries. With a active IP, their IDs might be stop working, but a static IP will job better in this stype of condition. StrongVPN has program for Mac, Windows, Android, IOS and compatible routers. It also offers instructions on manual VPN setup.

StrongVPn has sign-in policy to save users privacy. Unlike some VPN providers who has limitations on file and P2P sharing. StrongVPN does permit file sharing and P2P.