How to choose a good VPN service

Is your information over the internet compromised?

Do you love surfing internet where ever you, while avoiding cellular data and using public Wi-Fi? There are chances that you can be a prey of hackers who is trying get hands on your confidential details like credit cards, password and other important credential details. With the growing infrastructure and increase in the use of online services, we tend to frequently keep using our information and password for online transactions and services such as paying the bills, enjoying the favorite show, surfing or accessing the social network site. Along with these, even your work of business information can get compromised over the internet.

So here is all you need to know about VPN

What is VPN?

Virtual private network, today which we commonly know as VPN. Earlier, VPN was used only by corporates for their employees to access their office, when they had to access sensitive information in a secure way. Over time, the NordVPN technology became available for regular internet users. It helps people from all over the world to connect in a secure way.

Torguard help you to keep your connection encrypted and secure, with help of which you can stay anonymous online. Also, to keep your data private and safe from hackers online, government censorship and other dangers of the internet by providing you with a strong cyber security. If you are interested in Torguard VPN, you can use a Torguard VPN discount code to get it in a very cheap price. Because of geo-location, it can difficult to access some content online such as videos, music, news, search engine information and so on.

There are many companies proving paid VPN service to its users. Here are the list of few Best free VPN providers online. Yes, they provide you with the free basic use of VPN service, but just in case if you expect more you requirements can be met by their paid versions.

Betternet is one of those VPN for you which provides almost no restrictions. It doesn’t even bother you by prompting you to register with them. All you need to do is install the Betternet extension in your browser and you are good to go. Whenever you want to stay anonymous over the internet, just click the betternet icon and you can access all the content without being tracked by anyone.

Hotspot shield is a VPN application that is available for Windows, Mac and Chrome book OS. Hotspot shield is similar to Betternet, it also helps you to hide your IP, encrypt you browsing, protects you against the firewall and secures your Wi-Fi-hotspots. It will also prevent you from prying eyes of hackers to provide you a seamless web surfing experience.

Unlike other VPN, Tor is a VPN browser which provides you with the similar benefits of other VPN. The best part about Tor browser is that it’s available in many languages and works on Windows, Mac and Linux OS. It is a pre-configured browser which means you can use it on a USB drive without installing the software which means no admin privilege is required for running and no need for installing the browser.