How to hide my IP address for free?

For those who live in other countries it is unimaginable that the internet would be a place that was censored. The idea behind the internet was to provide freedom of information to share around the world. Many countries, however, put restrictions on the sites that their citizens can view. Many sites have been censored and are not available for viewing in places such as China. The government has created firewalls on many sites making it impossible for its citizens to access them, or is it? There is a way that you can hide your IP address from the firewalls, and to gain the freedom to surf the internet like the rest of the free world. VPN stands for virtual private network. They are points of access where a person can get onto the internet and access any site they want without restriction. It encases the originating IP address, and masks it as if it were coming from another country. In doing so, the person is allowed to gain freedom to the site and go undiscovered by the firewall installed by the government that is restricting the site. An IP address is an address that anytime information is exchanged on the internet is left behind. By encasing the IP address, you can go undetected onto any site you wish. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. Not only are you able to use vpn services, some of them are free for use. There are many useful software services that will allow you to gain access to any site you want without charge. Although there are some complaints about them, the fact remains that they allow you to see things you otherwise wouldn’t be able to, and well, they don’t charge you to do so. Why do they offer their services for free? Some of them do so for altruistic reasons, others for the advertising afforded through use. For whatever reason they do, they should be thanked for spreading freedom to those who aren’t afforded it by their governing bodies. hidemyass TunnelBear is among the top free vpn sites on the internet. It provides the user access to any restricted site for free. It can be downloaded onto any computer, both Windows and Mac for free. provides to its users the most secure and private vpn service available. Available for Linux, Mac and Windows it is the best all around service provider for users around the world UltraVPN, a French based site will block your IP address from any firewall that exists. There is no limit to the traffic that it can handle, servicing a large number of users, it may not experience the same sluggishness that you can get with other sites.

Hotspot Shield is the most popular among all the sites. It not only protects you from IP address blocking, it also does a good job at protecting your private information from being stolen on the internet. It is the best overall free vpn service you can have.