How to set up nordvpn on kodi

If you have NordVPN, then the following is how to set up it with Kodi so that you may watch TV programs from around the entire world while ensuring that you have kept the personal information and identity private.  You have to be using Kodi with VPN. The VPN is best way to ensure that your personal information, privacy and identity have been protected on Kodi and keeping the user safe from the unwanted snooping or spying. If you like the service, you can buy it with a cheap price using a NordVPN coupon code.It also lets you to unblock the kodi add-on like ITV, Sky Sports, ESPN, BBC, HBO and Netflix. In this way, you are able to stream the content using any source you want and around the entire world and this is something awesome.


Learning how you can use Kodi, it comes with a big learning curve.  But setting up before you use VPN on Kodi, it is something simple. The entire process takes only some few minutes and the following are step by step on how to do everything.

To set up the top VPN on Kodi, everything is completely easy.  NordVPN is known as the best VPN to use on Kodi.  You should start by downloading the app and other software that you want to use for the devices or the device you have. You can then click at connect and on go. You will need like 5 minutes to set up everything.

  • You should start by signing up the account with the NordVPN. They do have the 30 day guarantee to get your money back if you are not happy. The payment is 5.75 per month for the entire year of the service.
  • Log into the account at the website of the NordVPN
  • You should then go in its tab under the download area and then click at open for the downloads place. You can then find a device that you wish to set the service on if it is a router, mobile or computer. When the NordVPN is set up at the router, you can use it with different devices in the network such as on the gaming console, smartphone, tablet, Amazon Fire TV or stick and on the computer. If you want to enjoy the full setup, it is easy to buy the router that has already the NordVPN installed. After signing up using NordVPN and having the active account. You can go to a router pro.  The NordVPN has different custom router service and you are able to have a router that has been pre-configured using the Nord account before it is sent to you.
  • You can then download the app, configuration files and the software for the device you are looking to use Kodi for. After opening the software, you should open it so that you can install it at the application folder or at pop up screen or to drag the NordVPN icon at the folder.
  • You are able to start using the NordVPN app.

After installation of everything, you are free to start watching what you want in private and safe manner as you would like.