How To Setup ExpressVPN On Apple TV

Isn’t it fun if you no longer needs to worry about censorship, blockage or hacking while surfing through the internet? This has become a problem for both individuals and business, which somehow leads them to find a way of how to free them from such disturbance. One of the most effective and easiest way is by using VPN. If you are now in search of the right VPN service provider, then ExpressVPN can be one good option to resolve your issue. Find more about them here.

Overview of ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is introduced as one powerful VPN service provider with a high level of security that will guarantee you get the best digital communication experience. Computer, smartphone and tablet; all go with ExpressVPN’s secured connection, by just signing up an account, installing the app and connecting to any site you like to visit. ExpressVPN asks a very cheap price for yearly subscription user. If you need a cheap price, you can get an ExpressVPN coupon from Google.


SSL secured with 256-bit encryption has been equipped to ExpressVPN system which will ensure you good network with unlimited bandwidth and speed. This will enable you to stream TV shows, movies and other video-based entertainment is high definition quality.

Well, talking about movies and TV shows, ExpressVPN can also improve your streaming experience to a more satisfying and gorgeous way. If you find streaming through your smartphone, tablet or computer a bit too boring, then you can try to get your whole family in front of your Apple TV to watch what you watch through you gadgets.

ExpressVPN can get you access to high-speed streaming, right on your Apple TV which has been integrated with your smartphone or computer and ExpressVPN itself.

How It Works


First, you have to change setup on your Apple TV, by going to menu ‘Settings’. Then, clink on the sub menu ‘AirPlay’ and continue by clicking on the option ‘ON’ to activate the Airplay feature. AirPlay or AirPlay Mirroring is a feature in Apple TV which enables you to watch videos which has been sent wirelessly from your Mac or iOS screen to the Apple TV’s screen.

Second, if you send the video from your iOS, then you can firstly connect the iOS device and your Aplle TV to the same WI-Fi network. Then visit Control Center before tapping on the ‘AirPlay’. Click on the Apple TV’s name which you would like to connect to the device, and tap on ‘Mirroring’ to ‘ON’. After that, you can connect all the devices to ExpressVPN.