Norton Family Premier Review

Norton Family Premier: Get modern parental control options

Parental control is one of the most important services for household users. Parents don’t allow their kids to use computers and internet facilities because of some special reasons. As a matter of fact, it is really important to keep your kids away from disturbing websites and blogs. On the other hand, they should not access private drives and folders in your devices. What is the best solution? There are hundreds of methods to protect data and files, but it is necessary to use a unique application that will help to maintain modern features. Norton Family Premier coupon code is a special effort made by Symantec. This company is looking forward to enhance the management configurations and settings. It is recommended to check prominent features of this interesting application.

Are you searching for best parental control service? Just focus on the Norton Family Premier review in order to identify best options. Users can get useful knowledge and information by using Norton Family Premier Review. As a matter of fact, this application has been launched for PC protection. It will become very easy for users to protect private files, folders and drives if they are using this application. Don’t be worried about the modern features because there are several new features offered the Symantec. It is time to see prominent features of Norton Family Premier.

  1. The price is only $49.99 per year.
  2. It is a complete package for household users.
  3. It connects your PC to main server that allows higher rate of parental control.
  4. It is a web based system.
  5. It is accessible from any location in the world.

norton family premierWhat are the main Pros of Norton Family Premier?

Well, we have listed some prominent benefits of using this privacy protection software, but it is necessary to how it keeps the protection levels. Most of the parental control options offered by famous developers don’t provide scanning facilities. It is recommended to check Norton Family Premier because it offers proper virus protection and security alert. Prominent benefits are listed below.

  1. Parental control facility is for multiple PCs.
  2. The Norton Family Premier also works with Mac systems.
  3. Full remote reporting and setting.
  4. It monitors emails, messages and group chatting.
  5. 90 days history tracking available.
  6. Email alerts are sent to the users.
  7. Video monitoring.
  8. Keeps record of track surfing, social networks and online searches.

norton family premier coupon codeThese are the outstanding features of Norton Family Premier. Everyone must install this special application in computers when looking forward to keep each and everything protected. Nowadays, Symantec is updating parental control options because of increasing demand. After the modern updates, the Norton Family Premier will become a leading technology in this world. There is no need to find other parental control options if you are using Norton. Forget all worries and tensions. No one will be able to use your computers and Smartphones. Symantec is also offering a discount for the initial promotion. Customers can get $20 off this year using a Norton coupon code.